Setting Up the Writing and Reading Centers

Our writing table and reading centers are actually combined in the front corner of our classroom, on the complete opposite side as our block corner. Since one area is "quiet" and the other one more "active", it makes sense not to have them near each other!

At the beginning of the year, I keep this area very simple, with just a few materials. Each new material that is added will first be introduced in a small group.

I wanted to keep the writing table as clutter-free as possible, so I decided to hang my marker organizers on the wall. I had no organizers on hand, so decided to try paper cups.

Since they are going to stay on the wall, I didn't worry too much about the paper fitting perfectly. I did a quick staple job and added some Velcro.

I realized after needing to reposition one that it works best to have the Velcro sticking to the cup, not the paper. So, I left a gap in the back. (Even this was not enough of a gap. All the Velcro should be sticking to the cup, not the paper.)

I will add more colors and perhaps more markers as we get used to making sure our markers are put away with the caps. This takes some practice.

Here's what the area looks like now. I'm sure I'll tweak it some more. I'm also changing that small drab carpet mat for something larger and more cheerful. 

Here are some links to other writing and reading centers:

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  1. such a great idea:))

  2. innovative ideas .. photos are very impressive!
    cool math 4 kids

  3. I wish i could do something as classroom is just over 1/2 the size of the area seen in that last picture...Everything in my room must be MULTI-purpose!!

    1. I feel for you! At one time we had to put EVERYTHING away and it was so hard. Doable, but very hard. We share our space with the church's Sunday School, but over the years they have really worked with us and we now share a lot of the furniture and toys. It's made it much easier! As for space, I can't imagine having half the space of ours. Perhaps this picture makes it look larger!


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