Cardboard Structures

During our Amazing Artists Camp, my co-teacher introduced the artist Alexander Calder

Creating 3D sculptures is a great way to re-use materials. You can use just about anything, but for this project she chose cardboard tubes, cones, pieces of cardboard in various sizes, tape, glue and paint.

Working in three-dimension introduces dimension, form, balance and movement. The preschoolers had to put a lot of thought into how their pieces would fit together and yet not fall over.

We were able to keep these out for a few days so that they could let their pieces dry and add more later. 

And then, they were ready to be painted. 

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  1. I always end up with bags and bags of items to be recycled creatively. This is a great way to make some space in the craft cupboard. I love the idea of coming back to the sculpture to add more. I think we'll start building soon.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and supports many different developmental areas too! Projects that span more than one day, and can be left out and revisited are great. Simple fun, and awesome on so many levels :-)


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