Painting with Spices

I sent home a note with the parents last week asking for any old spices they wanted to recycle. Both the 2's and the 3's have enjoyed painting with them!

I added the spices to trays of glue for the preschoolers to brush onto paper. Afterwards, they took their papers to another table to shake additional spices on top. THIS was the biggest hit! We were trying to identify foods as we smelled each sent - spaghetti sauce, pizza, garlic bread, and gingerbread cookies were what we smelled most!

The 2's loved pouring the spices into their hands for an added sensory activity.

We had some good aromas coming from our classroom the rest of the day!

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  1. I should try this with my unused spices!

    1. I'm sure we all have some that are expired or getting close to that stage! I didn't realize how much fun they'd have with this. And one of the grandparents' donated an entire rack of spices (including the rack itself!).

  2. What a great sensory activity! I am going to have to try it!

  3. I wish my 2 year old was in your class! What a great idea.


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