Making Salt Dough

Usually I make up our play dough at home and take it to the classroom. Today I decided to involve the 3's in this process! So that we wouldn't need to cook it, I chose this recipe from The Imagination Tree

The 3's scooped the dry mixture into their individual bowls and we added the hot liquid. Once it cooled a bit, the 3's used a spoon to mix, and then they dumped it onto a flour tray to knead.

I love how they use their palms and fingers to mix and press and pull the dough. Some of the 3's sat and did this for a very long time, enjoying the feeling of the gritty dough squishing between their fingers.

When each child was finished, we placed it all in one big bowl to make one large batch.


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  1. I ran across your blog a few days ago & then started following you on pinterest. I'm looking for Tot School ideas for my 2 year old and LOVE all your ideas!!!!

    1. Thank you, Angie! If you look under categories in the right sidebar, you will see a section for 2 Year Olds. That might help you find the posts that are more related to that age group. Enjoy!

  2. Another great example that sometimes it's the process that matters and not the product. Think of all the learning and use of senses by making the dough instead of just playing with it! I bet you found out lots about the kids that sat there for ages.

    1. Oh, yes, Amie! They learned that if they didn't add flour, it was too sticky. The more flour they added, the easier it was to form a ball. So much learning took place!


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