A River Runs Through the Patio ... Fine Motor Outdoors

Those small muscles in the hands and fingers can be strengthened so many ways, outdoors as well! I love to have writing materials in our outdoor classroom:

sidewalk chalk
buckets of water
paint brushes of all sizes
paint rollers
painting easel
play dough table

The list goes on! So much of what you do indoors can be applied outdoors! And for some preschoolers, it's even more enjoyable outdoors, mixed with large motor play.

I'm not sure what it's been with rivers this week, but two children from two different classes that meet on different days decided to create rivers. A boy from our 3's class drew a river across the patio. "It's got wavy lines!" He then drew some fish for his river, and a smiling sun that was shining on the river.

Today, one of our 2's decided to make a river with water and a sponge. The large chunky sponge allowed her to work her entire hand as she pushed it against the pavement and squeezed the water.

A few others observed and decided to give it a try, too.

Some, with spoons, dripping water down the patio.

Tomorrow we may have a real "river" back there with the rain we are supposed to get!

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