Making Cornbread

We are averaging one cooking activity a week now in the 3's class. I love to use my parent volunteers for these activities!

I found this cornbread recipe over at

With 17 students, preparation is important. I label their cups ahead of time so that at a glance we know who has participated and who has not. I use paper cups or bowls for individual mixing, along with a tray of spoons.

I pre-measured the dry ingredients in one bowl and liquid in another. The 3's added a bit of both to their cup and mixed.

They then spooned their mixture into the pan.

I keep the trash can right beside the table so they can toss their cup afterwards. 

Once everyone has contributed to the pan, it goes in the oven. I do this during centers time which is the first hour of our morning. This way it's ready for us to eat along with the rest of our snack later.

If we have leftovers, we like to share with the pre-K 4's class next door. This always makes the 3's very pretty special, sharing what they helped make!

For more ideas, check out my cooking board on

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