Process Art with 2's: Oatmeal, Paint and Glue!

We are more than halfway through the school year {Yikes! Where did it go?} and I'm getting a good feel for what my 2's love. 

I set out bowls of tinted glue with spoons and brushes. And then provided trays of loose oatmeal that had some glitter added, and a bit of food coloring.

I remembered that 2 of my boys aren't necessarily fond of painting, but loved it when I provided glue bottles awhile back. So I set those out, too.

Squeezing. Painting. Spooning. They just kept adding to their work.

And then, when the last preschooler was finished, he took his bottle of glue over to the easel.

For just a little bit more.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't remember if I've commented before. I've been following you for a short while now.

    Allison from

  2. This is too awesome.. you have so many great ideas with little ones :)


    1. Thanks, Mia! I'm trying something similar tomorrow as well.

  3. Great ideas for kids. Awesome blog. Http://

  4. I just gave you an award over at my blog!! Go check it out:)

  5. You totally deserve that award! Been following you for just a few months, it has really been a great help to a "greenhorn" teacher like me ;-)

    oohh I love this idea, why did I not think of oatmeal?! i DO have one child with egg/wheat/cheese/milk/chocolate allergies - so i might have to possibly offer her an alternative. And i love that you provided an alternative for the ones who don't particular enjoy sensory activities, my question is do those children who don't get the glue bottles mind that they only have paint brushes? I could envision that quickly become an issue with some my 2 year old students. possibly i offer both options, and let them choose?
    ~Thx, Am :-)


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