St. Patrick's Day in Preschool

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Following the Rainbow on St. Patrick's Day

 Our St. Patrick's Day tradition in preschool is to follow the rainbow for gold….

I actually got this idea from my son's preschool over 20 years ago. I was parent-helping and got to be part of their festivities. It included following a rainbow which was actually rainbow yarn. We followed it until we found gold. This has been our preschool tradition since I started teaching 15 years ago.

We look out our classroom door and notice the start of a rainbow. As we follow it, we stop to find shamrocks with different activities, such as "count to 10", "hop on one foot", and "look out the window and wave to the clouds".

We got to a locked door. A note said to use the gold key. I had 2 on my key chain. Oh, the anticipation to see which key would open the door!

And when we got it open, we found we were at the end of the rainbow! The note said for each of us to find 1 coin.

So we did.

What this class did afterwards was something no other class has done in the past. They asked if they could write their own clues on paper so they could go home and do a coin hunt with their families. It was priceless! I made sure to let the parents' know, so they'd understand how exciting this was. I bet those family hunts were a lot of fun!

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