Sticky Table....Sticky Wall!

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I've seen many different ideas about using clear contact paper for a sticky table or sticky wall, or even a sticky window. So, I decided to back a large square of cardboard with clear contact paper and tape it to the table for our 2 year old class.

To tie it in with Winter, I filled a tray with blues, whites and silvers -- transparent pieces, foam snowflakes and tissue paper.

It took them awhile to grasp that the pieces would stick. However, because contact paper isn't real sticky, most could be pulled off and repositioned.

Some other objects from around the room made their way to the sticky table, like this zebra finger puppet.

The following day I decided to tape the sticky cardboard behind one of our rolling shelves for the 3's class. They were quick to figure out that heavier pieces fell off the board.

I like it so much that I think it will stay here for as long as it holds up. We have a rather small classroom so every bit of space counts. The back of this shelf was wasted space. Not anymore!



  1. Love it!! I never thought to leave the sticky board out for a few days. It looks like you all had a great time with it!! And maximizing space is always a good thing :)

  2. Hi, happy to find your blog cos I'm always on the lookout for things to do with my 2-turning-3 year old daughter. This sounds like a great idea! :D

    Am your newest follower and have awarded your blog the Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by my blog to receive it! :)

  3. I love this idea, thanks for sharing. I am Suzette a family child care home provider of Kings Place 4 Kids, I currently have 3's and almost 3's, and appreciate new ideas that helps use up wasted space. You are right about being able to use this activity for a long time, I will putting one up this weekend, thanks to you. I am new follower of yours, and look forward to one day venturing into setting up my own blog to share all the wonderful things we do in our classroom.

  4. What a great idea. I am going to try that with my special education preschoolers.

  5. Sheryl - What a great post and great idea for children! I have 2 year old twins and a 10 month old and I look forward to using this idea for them. Also, I am so glad to have found you....I found you on FB and I look forward to browsing through your information!



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