Playing with Boxes

Today I found 3 big boxes and one smaller one in our gym storage closet. I propped them between chairs, draped a huge piece of sheer fabric across it, and watched the magic begin.

I thought of a great article I recently read by Bethe over at The Grass Stain Guru. I highly recommend you take a moment to read it! She shares a link to the Toy Hall of Fame, a list of 46 toys that exemplify
three very important qualities: learning, creativity, and discovery

The Cardboard Box was inducted in 2005. 

No batteries. No instruction manual. 

Reminds me as a child when we'd build forts. We were in our own world for hours. Chairs. Blankets. A table. 

Or when we'd turn shoe boxes upside down for Barbie cars, or on their sides for dollhouses.

Even in this generation of electronics, these simple materials bring endless joy to children. I saw that yesterday with these boxes.

"Letting kids engage their imaginations takes a lot less stuff - plain and simple."  - TGSG


  1. Viva cardboard boxes! And thanks for the shout out.

    :-) Bethe

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