Tweezing Indian Corn

This is one of our favorite fine motor activities in November. It can be a challenge to tweeze those little kernels off the cob, but oh so rewarding!

And then you have these colorful kernels for another activity!


  1. Sheryl,
    Do you do this activity with your 2's also?? I bought some Indian corn awhile back and I have some left over from some painting we did. Wondering how well the little ones do with the tweezers :)

  2. Sheryl,
    Would you like to join one of my FB blogging groups? If so - send me an email!

  3. How do they get so colorful ? I'm afraid we don't have this in Norway...We have corn, but I have never seen something called indian corn....and I have never seen corn beeing so colorful...Torild

  4. Where did you find your tweezers? Christi

  5. Michelle - I haven't done this activity with my 2's because I think it would be too hard to manipulate the tweezers. However, some Indian Corn's kernels pop off easily, allowing the children to sort of pluck them off with their fingers. That would probably work for 2's. You'll want to select corn with some space between the kernels.

    We used regular eyebrow tweezers for this activity. The Pre-K 4's teacher had this pair and I loved the vinyl-coated handles.

    Not sure about why or how Indian Corn is so colorful or where it's available. Guess I better do my homework! :)


  6. The Hooligans LOVED plucking the corn OFF the cob this fall. I never even thought about having them use tweezers! Next year!

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