Setting up the Preschool Classroom for Spring

I love setting up our preschool classroom for the spring season! We lighten the color palette and bring in more natural materials from outdoors. Our windows allow natural lighting for plants and we include as many textures as possible. 

preschool classroom

Kids Gardening: Exploring Carrots

During our spring gardening theme, we explore root vegetables such as carrots with our preschoolers. We read books, learn how they grow, examine them, peel and grate them, and even use them at the art table!

kids gardening

Preschool Counting Activity for Spring

There are so many fun ways to encourage counting, such as this preschool counting activity for spring! So easy to make and play with!

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Preschool Counting Activity for Spring

Mother's Day Necklace Made by Kids

One of the sweetest gifts our kids make for Mother's Day are necklaces. We tuck them into hand-painted boxes tied with a bow and adorned with a heart gift tag. They are then given to the mommies at our Mother's Day Tea. 

8 Simple Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is almost here, and I have put together 8 simple Easter activities for kids. Simple, hands-on, lots of fun!

Kids Easter Activities